Transformational leadership: Developing your unique leadership style

Successful leaders are expected to be responsive to changing trends yet conform to institutional cultures. The business fable “The Loudest Duck” adds another layer by highlighting how cultural differences carry into the workplace . This session focuses on specific ways individuals can capitalize on individual cultural diversity by developing unique, transformative leadership.

From Idea to Products

Got an great idea but don’t know how it fit into your company’s business model? This session will cover best practices in business strategies and product development. You will also learn how to create a compelling business case for your idea

Unconscious bias and decision-making

Learn how to leverage the power of our differences. Better decision-making in a diverse workforce requires new levels of emotional and cultural intelligence. This session will outline several psychological biases that are common in a diverse environment, teach you how to become more aware of these biases, and understand their impact on you and your[…]