A Life Reimagined Checkup

Life Reimagined is a new way of thinking about dreaming, exploring, and deciding what’s next in your life. Backed by decades of research, Life Reimagined introduces a powerful step-by-step approach to help you discover possibilities, prepare for change, and make your ideas real—whether you’re focused on work, health, relationships, or pursuing your passion.  Participants use[…]

Inspire talk: As “I” Like it: The Psychology of Customized Technologies

Although subsumed under various nomenclatures such as customization, personalization, and tailoring, the notion of matching media messages to individuals has attracted enduring attention from academia and industry. This talk, which is part of a book project, reviews a program of research on the psychology of customization in modern media environments. We discuss evidence from a series of studies that shed light[…]

Inspire talk: Story innovations in digital media

Get inspired about new ways to tell a story for digital and mobile platforms. “Snow Fall” was revolutionary in 2012 — but that was almost three years ago, and parallax techniques perform poorly on mobile. This talk will highlight recent stories that push the envelope for visual and interactive storytelling and explore the kind of[…]

Transformational leadership: Developing your unique leadership style

Successful leaders are expected to be responsive to changing trends yet conform to institutional cultures. The business fable “The Loudest Duck” adds another layer by highlighting how cultural differences carry into the workplace . This session focuses on specific ways individuals can capitalize on individual cultural diversity by developing unique, transformative leadership.

From Idea to Products

Got an great idea but don’t know how it fit into your company’s business model? This session will cover best practices in business strategies and product development. You will also learn how to create a compelling business case for your idea

Unconscious bias and decision-making

Learn how to leverage the power of our differences. Better decision-making in a diverse workforce requires new levels of emotional and cultural intelligence. This session will outline several psychological biases that are common in a diverse environment, teach you how to become more aware of these biases, and understand their impact on you and your[…]

Work-life integration: Fostering resilience in a changing economy

In a world of rapid change and 24/7 connectivity, the new normal means building a life that seamlessly integrates work/career aspirations and personal needs/values. In this session, we’ll consider the challenges created when the boundaries between our professional and personal lives are increasingly unclear. We’ll reassess what we want from work and life; and develop[…]